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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Configure it out....What word can you see?

Had a fab time the past two days finishing this configuration box I had been hoarding. I covered the box in a great class with Susie Jefferson at Blade Rubber a couple of months ago. I was holding onto what it might become, which was no fun, so after a trawl around charity and pound shops I decided on general efemera which appealed to me. Im sure Dr Freud would have a lot to say about the contents. It reminds me of a book on child therapy where the  placement and use of toys in a childs sand tray was analysed. Can't recall the name of the famous therapist now, middleage memory is a terrible thing!
Anyhoo, enough navel gazing..   What word can you see? The letter hidden behind the taxi is... N.

The second piece I had been hoarding was the metal flower which seemed to fit perfectly on top. This I learnt to make from watching Lin Brown from LBcrafts demo at Ally Pally show in the Spring.

The third hoarded piece was this Japanese face stamped on shrink plastic [about two years ago!] which I trimmed and placed behind this Glass glint. It looks really cool in the dark as the elecric tea light illuminates it, [and the tissue tape beside it] from behind- difficult to capture on the camera.

A lot of the pieces are coated with rock candy distress crackle. This gives them a more vintage look.

I've decided that hoarded Items are best made into something to keep for yourself, [then you can still hoard them. But without hoarding them. lol].

Here are more pics of some of the details.Including the scary doll who for some reason I could not leave in the charity shop. Well we wouldn't want small children traumatised by its lack of political correctness and strange blue eyes would we?

Two altered dominoes, more hoarded bits!

So am entering this use of hoarded stash for Use it Tuesday Challenge.
This blog was a great temporary respite from the 'I must buy more stash every second of the day' habit.
Now I just need to develop it into an 'I must share my pretty things habit.' I guess blogging is one way of doing that.
Have a great evening, morning or whatever it is, wherever you are.xx.
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  1. talk about hoarding! your configuration box is awesome, love all the little items you used! thanks for playing with us at Use It Tuesday :)))

  2. Amazing box. The word I see is FIRE and the little candle really brings that word to life for me. Totally love the project. Thanks for joinng us at Use it Tuesday- UIT DT Haven

  3. FASCINATING project! I spent several minutes looking at all these little goodies, and the way the box is laid out. I hope you win something for this!