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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How sad am I?

I've only gawn and followed me own blog by mistake! Help! how do I unfollow meself?


  1. So funnny :) If you go to your dashboard, by clicking on the B on the far left of your top bar whilst in your blog, you'll see towards the bottom half of the screen a list of the blogs that you follow aand their latest postings. On the left hand side there's a list of the blogs that you follow and underneath there's a button saying 'Manage' - click on that. The blogs that you follow will then be listed, find your own blog name and then click on 'Settings' which appears alongside your blog name. In the box which appears there's an option to 'Stop following this site'. Click on that, you'll probably be asked to confirm that choice, and bingo - you should then stop following your own blog - you daft ha'porth :)) Made me chuckle. If you get stuck with anything, drop me an email at - I'm no expert but I've made most mistakes you CAN make and had to get myself out of the pickle. Di xx

  2. Hi Alison,

    Sarah here - have also e-mailed...just wondering, have you received the tag yet? Hope so as I posted it quite a while back...hope you are doing okay, not seen you blogging lately.